Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen

Dance | Henna | Artistic Research


My name is Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen and I identify as Social Artivist. Through dance and henna I challenge, with other Woman of Color, dominant narratives and explore alternative worlds beyond resistance. We create spaces where we can be together, learn through our senses and bodily archives and talk about our experiences and positionalities in relation to each other and life of Earth. Important elements in my art praxis are collectiveness, intersectional and decolonial approaches, materiality and my life experiences as a mix(i) of Surinamese-Hindustani and Dutch-Zeeuwse descent.


In my artistic praxis, I explore imaginaries of our bodies, material environments, and social realities beyond capitalism and colonialism. We dive into other worlds and cosmologies to experience other ways of knowing and being. At the same time we have no choice but to relate to dominant white aesthetics and other forms of oppression. How can we liberate ourselves through henna and dance and what do our bodies and henna teach us?


If you want to know more about me or my art, you can always contact me and check my praxis.